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      Except for independent R&D, Tofflon integrates global resources to provide integrated solution for client.

      Tofflon can provide the whole bio-process equipments and integrated system from medium preparation, cell/microbial cultivation, harvesting, DF/ UF, purification, buffer preparation to finished filling.


      Business Scope

      • Fermentor 
      • Bioreactor
      • Chromatography Systems
      • Ultra Filtration Systems
      • Dilution IN-line Systems
      • Bio-solution Preparation Systems
      • Pharmaceutical Environment Protection  


      • Monoclonal Antibody
      • Vaccine Products
      • Insulin
      • Genetic Engineering Products
      • Protein Products
      • Blood Products


      • Customized Products &Services
      • Professional Technical Support
      • Integrated Solution
      • Perfect Validation Documentation
      • 3D Analog Aided Design
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