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    1. Home > Products > Visual Inspection > Lyo

      Visual Inspection for LYO

      Vial size: 2-30ml

      Working speed: 400pcs/min (Up to 600pcs/min)

      Inspection accuracy: ≥40μm (adjustable)


      Freeze-dry products defects: Visible impurity on upper surface, lower surface and side surface of lyophilized cakes. For example: glass, fiber, black dot, etc.; height of cakes; 

      Melt back or atrophy of cakes and product liquefaction

      Rubber stopper, aluminum cap sealing integrity

      Rubber stopper missing, height, position and integrity of stopper; aluminum cap sealing, height, position, scratch, crimping, bad capping, bending and dent;

      Container inspection:cracks, scratches, corner defects, bubbles, contaminations inside and outside, etc.

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